Rose of No Man's Land by Anne Perry - Shortlisted - Published by Barrington Stoke



The book is written in a historic theme, the title indicates this, most of the book it set during World War One.  It jumps from today to the past.  The author appeals to students, it is also dyslexia friendly, therefore it is also great for schools.  It also has an element of teaching included in there.

It covers stories of war time nurses and hospitals.  The storyline is able to keep the reader interested, however in some places the structure is simple and can be harder to read.  The author has covered the topic well and engaged me, a quote from the book "The older man nodded at Rosie. ‘That's how it was for all of us at the front' he said.  ‘Hours and hours of drills and chores in a ditch, with your feet deep in the mud.'" 

The content of the book was good, there was a lot of information in a small amount of space.  The chapters were small but packed with appealing stories.  It seemed like it was a story in a story.

The purpose of the book was great, it really keeps the reader interested.  The book brings up popular topics like nurses smuggling patients out, however it also raises topics within school life as well, dyslexia is raised at the beginning of the book.  It gives a sense of reassurance to people, children that suffer from dyslexia.

I really enjoyed this book because of the topic.  I admire the author for making it dyslexia friendly.  It was a joyful read and had a great storyline, I think I would recommend this book to others.

by Jenna


There is a girl who is called Rose and she is given a World War One nurse's watch and she went to sleep one day and she woke and when she went outside she saw a boy who was injured and helped him but when she went down the alley it started to turn into a nurse in a hospital and more she walked down the alley there was more people from the British army and she had to make all the other people escape after she got threatened not to.  

I enjoyed the book because when it went more and more in the book it got more interesting and it was like I was there and it made me feel how sorry I should feel for all those who died and be thankful to them for having the guts to do something really brave.  My special character was Rose because she did not laugh and mock them but she felt sorry for all those who got hurt and she wished they got better soon. My favourite event was when the Germans arrested the lady who helped people who got better to escape but no one was there to do that but the Germans took Rose and told her you could not help and she did.  

Yes it did take me back in the past and it made me think what would it be like to have what was happening then to make it happen now. It would be terrifying because there would have been so many who died and loads of lives to be lost and all the people who do not want to go have to go and they die making  all their family upset. 

At the start it was very slow and I got bored when the girl was at school but when I read a few pages more and I got more interested.

I would recommend this book to those who wanted to know about the history of World War One when all the people who were injured and what the nurses had to do to make the injured people who have recovered and what happened after that.

by Uzyar

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