Wickedness by Deborah White - Published by Templar Publishing



Wickedness is about two different people. Both drawn from the same bloodline but 400 years apart. The first thing that it says when you open the book is about Claire's gran's funeral. Claire is one of the main characters apart from Margrat Jennet, Nicholas Robert Benedict, Christophe and later on, Zacharie.

The story line has such great potential to become a bestseller. However, the way the author uses that story line is not pleasing. It contains no cliffhangers whatsoever and you can easily put the book down halfway through a sentence.

The chapters are confusing. You have the main chapters which are Claire's story. Then you have the "manuscript" story in between them chapters. Which is Margrat's story. Not only does this confuse the reader but it also destroys part of the emotion that the reader has gathered from the other character's story. However, the author had a good point in doing this as in Claire's story
she mentions a manuscript that her gran has left her.  Claire does not tell you anything within the manuscript due to it being handed to her dad for translation. So, to save us from curiosity the author has added one part of the manuscript after every chapter of the main story. It becomes clear that it helps you to link the two together as well. Without the manuscripts the story would lose it's bearing altogether due to the fact that otherwise you would know nothing about Margrat. I find that the main problem with going from chapter-manuscript-chapter is first of all, the tense used. In Claire's story it written in 3rd person whilst Margrat's is written in 1st person. Another concern is the characters. Soon the story's both seem to bind into one and you think that one set of characters belong to the other.

As I've mentioned before the story line has great potential. It's an interesting story line that could
go on and would be amazing. I'm pleased that the author managed to think up of such a story. A perfect blend of fact and fiction gives the author an imaginative outlook.

by Kieran


Wickedness is a great book for children aged 12+.  It involves 2 young girls, both with red fiery hair and both have an ancient Egyptian ring.   They have no idea of each others existence but they both have evidence they do exist.  They live an ordinary life but nowhere in the same year group as they have grown up 400 years apart.

In this thrilling adventure the girls will face Egyptian gods and mummies, a curse and a ring that will turn their lives upside down! It is worthy of 5 stars.

by anon

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