The Crimson Shard by Teresa Flavin - Published by Templar Publishing



I really enjoyed the book due to the fact it really feels like the story has taken you out of reality and brought you into another world. I truly enjoyed the book because it has all great features of a great read such as love, war, adventure and history. One of the best books I have ever read.

My favourite character has to be Throgmorten (villain) the reason behind this is because all throughout the book his character has stayed hidden and till the very end they reveal who he is. He is shown as a deadly man, with many tricks up his sleeves. One thing I really like about him is that he is not from the same time as the rest of the characters and he does things differently, like cutting his hand from the shard to get blood...strange but a unique character. My favourite place has to be inside the museum due to the fact, it really captures your attention and you can really imagine being in that weird but wonderful place.

Yes I do feel the history was truly realistic due to the fact, the author captured many key characteristics of Victorian times such as pick-pocketing and the body snatchers and the art academy, it was like you were there and the history really tied in with the story- it brought the story to life!

Definitely! I love the Victorian times anyway and the history of Teresa Flavin included was quite gory- but great! This made me want to read on because the language and characters were really unique and if there was another book of a similar theme from the same author I would definitely read it. It has made me want to study more history- a brilliant read! Read it!!

by Anum and Umme: year 8



This book is about a boy and girl called Blaise and Sunni, they go to London in the summer holidays and just before they leave, they decide to go to an art museum. They're both aspiring artists and then when they go to the art museum, the tour guide, Throgmorton, transports them back to 1952.Throgmorton and his daughter Livia, keep them there in an art school for orphaned boys. When they manage to escape they enlist the help of some obliging strangers. Will they be able to get through the door back to the twenty-first century?

I felt indifferent when reading this book as it's not something I would have chosen for myself because it's not the sort of thing I generally read.  Though I really did enjoy it as got towards the middle of the book, but otherwise it was really hard to read at the beginning of the book. Though I did enjoy it, at some points I felt though it was a second in a series because the reason why Throgmorton had captured them wasn't well explained. That also made me enjoy it less as I was slightly confused. I think he wanted them because in the past they had gone through a painting, so he wanted to get into the painting before they did in the future.

I found that it was the sort of book that's hard to pick up but when I did I found myself reading a lot more than anticipated.  As I have already stated it does get slightly confusing, but when you read past it and toward the end is where it all seems to get much more exciting. Unfortunately, all too often parts of it become anticlimactic.

I don't think I'd recommend it as a book to read generally, but if someone was interested in history (as I am) I would. I think as a reader, you would have to patient, as it can be slightly dull at times. I did enjoy the overall plot line but I think it needed to get into the action quicker.

by Megan

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