A City in Flames

By Ann Turnball

1. This book describes the events of the Great Fire of London started on 2nd September 1666. It began during the night at a bakers shop on Pudding Lane, when the baker left the oven unattended. The fire spread all over London and burnt down the houses on London Bridge and caused a lot of trouble.

The book really explains how the fire caused lots of mayhem in the City of London. It focuses on the characters: Sam the servant, André the son of Sam's Master Giraud and Sam's dog Budge.

I enjoyed this book because I think the way the characters fit into the story is interesting. André got bullied by Sam when they were younger because he was French, and the English turned on people from other countries in those days.

It was sad when Sam thought Budge had perished in the fire while he was showing way the back home and got lost!

It was also quite frightening when André got lost because of the smoke. Sam couldn't see him and when he did find him Budge ran and his lead caught round Sam's foot so he tripped down the stairs and fractured his arm.

It was happy ending? 

I recommend this book to ages 7-11

By Connie

2. I enjoyed the part when the dog Budge saved the two young boys, Andre and Sam, from a burning building.

The part I really didn't like was the part where Budge got lost during the fire after he rescued the boys. It wasn't that I didn't like it exactly but that it made me feel sad. I was relieved that the book ended on a happy note with Budge alive, though lame, and finding the boys.

But overall I really, really enjoyed the book especially as Sam and Andre had in the past been enemies. Sam used to bully Andre for being lame and foreign but after Sam's family die in the plague Andre's family take Sam in as a servant and Andre is mean to Sam in order to get his revenge. However, because of the adventures and dangers they shared during the Great Fire of London they became very close friends.

The book can also be very educational by teaching about the Great Fire of London. I also liked the pictures. I think that is a good book for people to use in school.

By Monty

3. This book is about The Great Fire of London. A boy called Sam is a servant to the Giraud family. The son of that family is Andre who is enemies with Sam. When the fire strikes they have to put aside their differences and they form an impossible friendship.

While caught up by delivering jewellery, the fire starts to become even worse. Sam's dog goes missing and Andre's house is destroyed. Will it be a happy ending after all?

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to everyone as it has something for everyone.

By Arun

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