Gods and Warriors: The Burning Shadow

By Michelle Paver

1. This book is absolutely amazing and the plot is brilliant. The way Michelle has looked into ancient Greek names is awesome and intellectual. My favourite part is when Thalakrea was about to explode because it is rich in suspense and description. I also like the book ends with a cliff hanger. I can't wait for the 3rd book to come out because I really want to find out what adventure Hylas and Pirra would have next, if they destroy the dagger of Koronus and if Hylas will find Issi.

By Huey

2. I really enjoyed The Burning Shadow; it was excellent. Having read and enjoyed several other books by this author, I had high expectations. I enjoyed the explosion on Thalakrea as it was rich in suspense; it was my favourite part of the book. I enjoy reading about Ancient Greece and I liked the way she didn't use the names of the Ancient Greek gods. After reading this book, I decided to read more about Ancient Greek myths in The Odyssey by Homer. I would recommend this book to any fan of action and adventure books.

By Joel

3. Hylas has been captured by slavers on the Island of Thalakrea. Forced to work in terrible conditions in the mines, Hylas soon becomes overcome with the feat of snatchers - bad spirits. Pirra, disguised as a slave, escapes to the White Mountains; she soon realises that she too is going to the Island of Thalakrea. Still believing Hylas is dead, Telamon finds out that he is actually alive. Feeling betrayed, Telamon joins his grandfather to travel to the Island of Thalakrea. Hylas escapes from the mines and finds a lion cub without a mother or father. Determined, he sets off with a mission to save Pirra from Kreon's stronghold and rescue his sister Issi.

Packed full of adventures, this book is an amazing sequel to Gods and Warriors. It has four points of view, which makes it very interesting, but sometimes confusing. Michelle Paver's use of description is outstanding. The words that she uses really make the book come alive. Personally, I would recommend this book to 9-13 year olds.


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