The Bomber Dog

By Megan Rix

1. I really enjoyed this book especially when Grey got reunited with Nathan because it is really moving when Nathan and a German soldier help each others dog instead of killing each other. It shows that the world doesn't need to be at war. I also like the way that Grey gets to be with Sabine again for a small part of the story. When Megan Rix described what Grey is doing at the army camps I felt as if I was really there, watching Grey completing his training. Although I have never heard of Megan Rix before I would definitely recommend her other books to my class members. 

By Huey

2. The Bomber Dog is a heart-warming tale of love between man and dog. It is an amazing story set in World War Two, when many people were recruited to go to war. Nathan Green is one of them.

When he finds a young German Shepherd, which he names Grey, the two of them become inseparable. They leave home to go to the War Dog Training School and learn to become a paratrooper and a paradog. All goes well, until one mission changes everything. After a surprise attack from the enemy, both are forced to leap out of the plane, only to lose each other. Now Grey must face unimaginable dangers, crossing enemy lines and fighting for survival, in an attempt to find his best friend.

I thought this book is one of the best I have ever read and is incredibly realistic. I especially liked the bond between Nathan and Grey. I would love to read other books by Megan Rix.

I would recommend this book for ages 9 to 13

By Caitlin

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