Ali Pasha

By Michael Foreman

Ali Pasha starts off in 1950 with an office boy/junior reporter who is sent to ask old Harry Friston if his famous tortoise Ali Pasha has woken from his hibernation and ends up learning the story behind Ali Pasha's greatness. In 1916, young Henry Friston joins the Royal Navy and after nearly being hit by a bomb, befriends a tortoise and smuggles him aboard.

Ali Pasha is a very interesting book and very hard to put down. I would definitely recommend it to anyone else.

By Amelia

2. Ali Pasha is a book about a reporter called Trevor who wants to find out the story of Ali Pasha. Henry, the owner, expected Trevor to come over every Sunday. Trevor finds out more and more as the story goes on about how Henry and Ali met; what kind of adventures they went on. Henry shows Trevor some souvenirs that he acquired along his journey of WW2 as well as letters and postcards.

The artwork in the book is amazing and realistic! I love the way that Michael changes the way he writes when Henry is talking about what had happened. It really contributes to the whole diary/report and he also changes the writing when Trevor is reading Henry's diary.

It's not just the story that you can read, you can read about the amazing feats that Ali accomplished. Ali was a member of Blue Peter a while back and people celebrate his bravery.

From reading  this book, I am intrigued to read more Michael Foreman books since this is the only one I have currently read.

I would recommend this to all ages and if you are into WW2, this is definitely for you.

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