My Friend the Enemy

By Dan Smith

1. My Friend the Enemy is a suspense-filled story full of varied emotion and scenes. As soon as you delve into the world of this story, the action begins within a split second; Dan's logical structure (short paragraphs, etc.) encourages the suspense to be at its best. The intelligent layout that the entire book branches off from the initial chapter is elaborate and intellectual in numerous ways. The emotion can be tipped on its head instantaneously, from thrill to anguish; it is rich in the ability to warm hearts. Dan's talent has made me yearn to read for more of his books. Before I'd read this book, I wasn't so keen on reading things from historic times, especially World War times. However, now, I am fond of this genre of book, thanks to Dan's superb effort to create this sensitive, tear-drawing tale. I recommend this book to all because of the skill and technique the author has used to write this ‘Work of Art' novel. Reading this, I felt I was Peter, the main character, standing beside Kim, looking at Erik.

The main storyline of My Friend the Enemy is: it's 1941 and a German parade is bombing Peter's evacuee village. However, a German plane has crashed near his house, but most people saw someone coming down in a parachute...

The entire village is terrorised that a German is running loose in their village. On the other hand, Peter and his best friend Kim discover the German in a nearby forest, but they have to care for him without any of the sergeants and lieutenants finding out. Although, near the end of this extraordinary book they find themselves seen by their arch-nemesis, a black-hearted boy called Trevor Ridley, jealous that his father isn't fighting in the war because he's a farmer. In the end, he's told the sergeants and lieutenants and they find him, Erik. Peter says that he surrenders and his friend doesn't wish to be harmed. Reluctantly, they let him go and let him go back to Germany. Eventually, Erik goes back to Germany and all are elated.

By Jacob

2. This book is about a boy named Peter who lives in north-east England in 1941. A plane crashes near his home and three airmen die but one parachutes out into the forest. Peter discovers him and doesn't know what to do with him and finds himself in a bit of a dilemma. On one hand he doesn't want to get into trouble for harbouring an enemy soldier, but on the other, he doesn't want to hand the German in and have his death on his conscience.  

This book is written in a very descriptive manner but in places can be a bit repetitive like when Kim describes the airman as a teenager and then Peter also uses a similar description of him.

Despite this, the characters were well described and I felt sorry for Peter in some of the predicaments he gets himself into. Kim is an evacuee from Newcastle. Kim is portrayed as a bit of a tomboy and she is always trying to beat Peter at everything. She and Peter grow to be great friends. The bully of this story is a very dislikeable character because of the things he does to Peter and Kim. 

The setting, in North-East England, helps the story a bit because people don't know a lot about the war and Kim comes along and knows a lot about the war and what is happening in Germany and Africa.

I liked My Friend the Enemy more than I thought I would because in the beginning it was bit boring but once I'd pushed past it was a good book. I would recommend it to children who enjoy history and adventure books. If you liked this book you could read a book called Friend or Foe by Michael Morpugo, Which is very similar and features a boy in comparable situations.

By Ben

3. This is a really exciting book which I would definitely recommend to other readers!

It is about two friends, Peter and Kim, who help save a young airman called Eric, after his German place crashes into the countryside village where Peter lives. After agreeing to hide Eric until the war is over, Peter and Kim must keep this a massive secret.

I really liked all the characters, especially Peter (as he is loving and caring with a big heart) and Eric (who becomes a really good friend), but my favourite character has to be Kim, as I just love her kind, but daring personality.

I think this book would help pupils studying World War 2, as it gives an insight into what life was really like during the war. As one reviewer on Amazon said: "It's such a roller coaster journey - you just don't know what's coming next.'

By Mollie

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