Run Rabbit by Run Barbara Mitchellhill - Shortlisted - Published by Andersen Press


Run Rabbit Run is a fascinating historical novel set in WW2 by the brilliant Barbara Mitchellhill. Through the eyes of Lizzie, we see how her family tries to save their Father and, once more, can become a family. Barbara Mitchellhill manages to create such lifelike characters whose emotions are expressed in such a detailed style of writing, we feel empathy, for example, when Lizzie's Father leaves, we feel grief. But there are also happier, livelier times such as when Bernardo and Lizzie have a great time at the fair! For such an interesting story, I feel the knowledge and historical detail is scarce. Overall, I think the lack of information has let the story part of this book down. I rate this book 7/10.

by Jazmin


When Lizzie's Dad refuses to fight in the war because he is a conscientious objector the police come looking for him. Desperate to stay together, Lizzie and her brother go on the run with him, hiding from the police in Whiteway. Will they ever be safe?

I thought that the book was absolutely sensational. I am so inspired that I feel I can write the whole story all over again. I found it quite amusing and heart warming.  I loved the part when Freddie started to sing ‘Run Rabbit Run' on the lorry to Whiteway. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends.

By Thea


Run Rabbit Run is a thrilling tale of eleven year old Lizzie. Lizzie is a normal child, during World War Two, however she is forced to live a hard life. Lizzie and her younger brother Freddie's mother died during an air raid. Due to this her father despises all war. When Lizzie's father refuses to fight in the war the police come to arrest him. Lizzie and her family run, to seek help and love in the peaceful Whiteway Community. They are taken in by a friendly merchant, Basil, and slowly they become part of the neighbourhood.

But their secret catches up with them. They are forced to leave their new home. With the police still looking for them they start to live with an old farmer and his kindly wife. However, Mr Carter the farmer is not what you would call kind and, after a series of unfortunate events, he calls the police. This time they can't run fast enough. Lizzie's father is taken away to prison. But Lizzie's love for her father is too strong, and sooner or later they find a way to be together again.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Run Rabbit Run, as Barbara Mitchelhill has a great imagination - and this made the book exciting. I would recommend this book for children aged 8 - 13.

by Isabella

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