Quality Mark Case Study: Portsmouth Grammar

1. Teaching and Learning

Eight well-qualified history teachers contribute to some excellent teaching and learning. This was demonstrated not just by lesson observation and an examination of work done but also through discussions with students covering a range of ages. It confirmed that the teaching was motivating, focused on knowledge, skills and concepts and extremely well-monitored.
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2. Leadership

The senior management were keen to point out that this was an extremely well-led and able department with a strong positive ethos. The word “vibrant” was used more than once. The senior management discussions confirmed that they had never had to deal with any problems related to history.
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3. Curriculum

One would have to travel a long way to find another school that has gone to so much trouble to consider a rationale for their curriculum. It is carefully thought through and acted upon. Although the school does not have to follow the National Curriculum, it has largely done so with an emphasis on the medieval, early modern and modern in Years 7,8 and 9 respectively.
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4. Achievement

Even allowing for the selective nature of the school, the results achieved are excellent. The department carries out an extremely close analysis of student achievement including value added, trends and assessment of different types of student.
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5. Enrichment

Students at the school have an enviable range of opportunities.
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QM Evaluation

‘Are we there yet…?’ (The HA Quality Mark journey of The Portsmouth Grammar School)

Looking back and putting it all into perspective (something as historians we should be adept at), it seems a long way from the initial discussion and decision at a departmental meeting, to the visit by Tim Lomas our allocated assessor, and finally the delivery of the certificate. So some thoughts and questions:
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