The period 1509-1745 provides the perfect opportunity for a study of change, not only in Britain, but also across Europe during the Renaissance. Topics studied could include (among other things)  the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe and in Britain, the reigns of Tudor monarchs and the Elizabethan religious settlement; conflicts such as the English Civil War, interregnum and restoration; discoveries such as the voyages of discovery, medical and technological advances; cultural advances such as those made in the art of Leonardo Da Vinci and others; trade and settlement such as the first contact with the Mughal dynasty in India and the settlement of the eastern coast of America. The period draws to a close with the Act of Union, Hanoverian succession and the Jacobite rebellions. 

In this section, you'll find resources to support a study of Britain during this period. We'll add further resources as they are submitted. 

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