Exploring and Teaching Twentieth-Century History

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Published: 18th December 2019

Exploring and Teaching 20th Century History

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For a long time, history curricula on the 20th century prioritised the narrative of a slide from WWI to WWII and fascism. In reality the history of the 20th century is far more complicated and far more interesting... Read more

We hope that this collection (downloadable at the bottom of the page) can make a small contribution to the task of exploring and teaching 20th-century history. 

The resource is divided into two main parts: the first on ‘exploring’ twentieth-century history, made up of articles by academic historians; and the second on ‘teaching’ history, made up of articles written primarily by teachers.

Section 1: Exploring twentieth-century history

4 Introduction – David Brydan and Jessica Reinisch ... Show full Section 1 contents

Section 2: Teaching twentieth-century history

72 Introduction – Ben Walsh ... Show full Section 2 contents


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Wellcome Trust whose Public Engagement grant helped fund our 2017 Teacher Fellowship Programme The Cold War in the Classroom.

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