HA Committee Memberships

Committees are set up by the HA's Governing Council of trustees to oversee important parts of the association’s work. We rely on our committees to help drive strategic direction and create resources to support members. Currently these are:

Primary Committee

Secondary Committee

Branches and Members Committee

Helen Crawford (Committee Chair) 
Paul Bracey
Stuart Boydell
Glenn Carter
Karin Doull (as PH editor) 
Ailsa Fidler
Matthew Flynn
Lorna Grant
Matthew Laban
Tim Lomas
Steve Mastin
Tracey Morris
Kerry Somers
Paul Spear 
Sue Temple
Stuart Tiffany

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Helen Snelson (Committee Chair) 
Sharon Aninakwa
Will Bailey-Watson
Martyn Bajkowski
Katharine Burn
Sally Burnham
Alex Fairlamb
Kath Goudie
Simon Harrison
Mike Hill
Gemma Jones
Richard Kennett
Catherine Priggs
Gabrielle Reddington
Hugh Richards

Yvonne Roberts-Ablett
Abdul Mohamud

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Peter Hounsell (Chair)
Elizabeth Matthew
Tim Lomas
Mary Feerick
Samantha Massey
Sean Lang
Jenna Pateman
David Paterson 
Scott Newport