HA Committee Memberships

Primary Committee

Secondary Committee

Branches and Members

Bev Forrest (Committee Chair) 
Paul Bracey
Stuart Boydell
Glenn Carter
Helen Crawford
Karin Doull
Matthew Laban
Tim Lomas
Michael Maddison
Rob Nixon
Daniel Page
Abbi Robinson-Nelson
Kerry Somers
Yvonne Thomas
Stuart Tiffany
Chris Trevor
Sue Temple
Alf Wilkinson

Helen Snelson (Committee Chair) 
Sharon Aninakwa
Martin Bajkowski
Katharine Burn
Sally Burnham
Christine Counsell
Kath Goudie
Simon Harrison
Anne Hooper
Zoe Howells
Gemma Jones
Richard Kennett
Ruth Lingard
Tim Lomas
Mike Maddison
Gabrielle Reddington
Hugh Richards
Kate Smee
Jason Todd

Mike Short (Chair)
Gillian Burnett
Peter Hounsell
Roy Hughes (standing down this year)
Jennifer Hyde
Tim Lomas
Michael Rye (standing down this year)
Ann Wagstaff






Balance of current

Balance of current

Balance of current

5 lecturers in history education;
6 primary teachers;
1 headteacher;
6 freelance education consultants 



3 lecturers in history education;
3 freelance history education consultants;
1 history lead for an academy chain;
1 local authority education advisor;
6 secondary teachers working at a high level (e.g. Head of History);
3 secondary teachers;
1 headteacher;
1 assistant principal

All current Committee members are, or have until recently been, Branch Officers, with a reasonable geographical spread.