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Upcoming talks

*LIVE - Tuesday 17 September, 7.30pm
The Vagabond v. the Mendicity Society: Fear and Loathing on the Streets of London
Dr Oskar Jensen
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In this talk Dr Jensen will discuss how Red Lion Square had long been one of London's most genteel addresses, home to nobles, scholars, and professionals. But on 25 March 1818, one house on the south side opened its doors to quite another class of person, as the Mendicity Society began its business. Read more

Past lecture recordings

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Title & link

Date recorded

Sharon Bennett Connolly

Women of the Anarchy - coming soon

July 2024

Professor Henrietta Harrison

The Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949 

June 2024

Harry Freedman

Shylock's Venice: The remarkable history of Venice’s Jews and the Ghetto

May 2024

Professor Judith Green

From Pirates to Princes: the Normans in Eleventh-Century Europe

April 2024

Dr Joanne Paul

The House of Dudley

March 2024

Dr Mark Williams

The East India Company and Empire: Foundations and Memory

February 2024

Professor David Carpenter

King Henry III and Simon de Montfort: Reform, Rebellion and Civil War in England 1258-1265

January 2024

Dr Steve Tibble

The British Templars: From Crusaders to Conspiracies

December 2023

Christina J. Faraday

Tudor Liveliness? Discovering Vivid Art in Post-Reformation England

November 2023

Jasmine Calver

The Connected and Competing Activisms of the Women's World Committee against War and Fascism

October 2023

Levi Roach

Empires of the Normans

September 2023

Paul Clammer

Henry Christophe, the Haitian Revolution and the Caribbean's Forgotten Kingdom

July 2023

Professor Erik Linstrum

Age of emergency: living with violence at the end of the British Empire

June 2023

Dr Nicholas Morton

The survival strategies of the Near Eastern powers facing Mongol invasion

May 2023

Dr Fitzroy Morrissey

A short history of Islamic thought

April 2023

Dr Gabrielle Storey

Berengaria of Navarre: History and Myth

March 2023

Professor Jan Rüger

Heligoland: What a small island in the North Sea tells us about the Anglo-German past

Feb 2023

Professor John Blair

Building Anglo-Saxon England

Jan 2023

Dr Nicholas J Evans

Death in diaspora

Dec 2022

Professor Malcolm Gaskill

The Ruin of all Witches: Life and Death in the New World

Nov 2022

Dr Peter Hounsell

Bricks and the making of the city: London in the nineteenth century

Oct 2022

Professor Richard Toye

Churchill's Great Game: Rethinking the origins of the Cold War

Sept 2022

Dr Nicola Clark

Seen but not heard? The ladies-in-waiting who served the six wives of Henry VIII

Aug 2022

Judith Herrin

Ravenna: Capital of Empire, Crucible of Europe

June 2022

Dean Irwin

A Jewish divorce case in medieval England

May 2022

Bob Morris

Why has monarchy survived in Europe?

Apr 2022

Marcus Collins

“The Talk Should Not Be Broadcast”: Homosexuality and the BBC before 1967

Mar 2022

Paula Kitching

Why does the massacre of the Armenians in the First World War still get overlooked?

Feb 2022

Anna Cusack

What a strange place to be buried: Unique burial locations in London, c. 1600-1800

Jan 2022

Karin Friedrich

The Partitions of Poland, their Repercussions for German-Polish Relations and their Legacy

Dec 2021

Robert Sackville-West

The Searchers: The Quest for the Lost of the First World War

Nov 2021

Robert Pike

Silent Village: Life and Death in Occupied France

Oct 2021

Toby Green

West Africa from the Rise of the Slave Trade to the Age of Revolution

July 2021

Marc Morris

Meet the author: Marc Morris on the Anglo-Saxons

June 2021

Martyn Whittock

Mayflower Lives: building a New Jerusalem in the New World

May 2021

Clare Kennan

Building St James's Spire: Louth's Guilds and Popular Piety in the Later Middle Ages 

April 2021

Stephen Bourne

Writing Black British histories

March 2021

Jonathan Phillips

The life and legend of Sultan Saladin

Feb 2021

Rana Mitter

China's good war: how World War II is shaping a new nationalism 

Feb 2021

Katja Hoyer

Weltkrieg: the German home front during World War I

Jan 2021

Anne Curry

Anne Curry: Henry V – Henry the conqueror

Jan 2021

Peter Mandler

The Origins of Mass Society: Speech, Sex and Drink in Urbanising Britain, 1780-1870

Oct 2020

Jo Fox

Reimagining the Blitz Spirit: the mobilisation of World War II propaganda in our own times

Aug 2020

Michael Wood

The Making of Early England 500-1066

July 2020


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