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  • Your HA Virtual Branch

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    The HA Virtual Branch is a great way to keep your history up-to-date, whether you are working or relaxing, all from the comfort of your home. The Virtual Branch is free and open to everybody, and recordings of the talks are made available online after the event for HA members....

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  • Virtual Branch: The Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949

    10th July 2024

    In this talk Professor Henrietta Harrison uses diary records to think about the experience of living through the revolution in China in 1949, focussing on what it meant to Chinese people, how they learned about its practices and ideology, and how this changed their lives - whether they were radical intellectuals returning...

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  • HA Honorary Fellows 2024

    2nd July 2024

    Each year the Historical Association awards Honorary Fellowships to a small group of people. These awards are to recognise and celebrate outstanding services to history and to the Historical Association. The awards cover services to the Historical Association Branches (of which there are over 45 across the country), our committees and...

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  • Pivotal elections in history

    28th June 2024

    2024 is and continues to be a year of national and regional elections around the world. Some have passed under the international radar; others have sprung out leading to huge ramifications. In the UK the polls are predicting changes, France has already had its shake up, and India, the EU...

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  • Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic – new podcasts

    28th June 2024

    Poland and its politics feature occasionally in the news, though often negatively. And lots of people think they know Polish history – although what they usually mean is that they know Poland from the 1930s onwards. By contrast, the Baltic States only ever appear in the margins of many people’s knowledge...

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  • Short course: Witchcraft, Werewolves and Magic in European History

    20th June 2024

    Led by Jonathan Durrant, Laura Kounine, Jan Machielsen, Lisa Tallis, Juliette Wood   Book Now (Registration is via Cademy which opens in a new window. Please read the course terms and conditions before registering) What does the course cover? This Historical Association short course is an introduction to European witchcraft...

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  • Films: Boris Yeltsin - Interpretations

    19th June 2024

    Borisn Yelstin was the Russian leader from the collapse of the Soviet Union through to the leadership of Vladimir Putin. A key pivotal figure of the twentieth century, he had as an important an impact on Russia and global politics as any of the Soviet leaders of the 1970s and 80s and...

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  • Virtual Branch: Shylock's Venice

    18th June 2024

    This is the story of the Venice Ghetto, the corner of the city where Jews were exiled; free to walk the streets by day, locked behind gates and walls at night. Yet, gates and walls notwithstanding, from its establishment in 1516 until the fall of Venice in 1798, the ghetto...

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  • It is Pride Month

    10th June 2024

    Get out your rainbow flag and fly it high. June is the month to celebrate the diversity of sexuality and sexualities across society. For historians it is an opportunity to showcase the long history of LGBT+ issues in the UK’s past and to explore the different ways sexuality and LGBT+...

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  • South Africa – National Elections 2024

    3rd June 2024

    Over the last 150 years South Africa has often been in the news. Its history is one that is marked with conflict, political prejudice and violence. For decades it was known for its inhumane political model of apartheid followed by one of political change and openness. For the last decade...

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