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  • Your HA Virtual Branch

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    The HA Virtual Branch is a great way to keep your history up-to-date, whether you are working or relaxing, all from the comfort of your home. The Virtual Branch is free and open to everybody, and recordings of the talks are made available online after the event for HA members....

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  • Editorial opportunity with ‘History’, the journal of the Historical Association

    23rd February 2024

    The Historical Association are seeking to appoint a new editorial team for our internationally acclaimed journal History. The journal has had an excellent relationship with the School of History at the University of East Anglia for the past fourteen years and now the time has come for the journal to...

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  • Women's History Month 2024

    20th February 2024

    Women historically have been sidelined, marginalised, discriminated against and overlooked both in their daily lives, in the historical record and for their contributions across society. Women’s History Month is a way to highlight these historical failings and reevaluate how the past has been presented, to encourage the stories of women...

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  • The Historian 160: Out now!


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  • British Science Week 2024

    1st February 2024

    Next month we have British Science Week (8-17 March). This year's theme is ‘Time’ – so we thought we would give you some time to see why it is important. An awful lot of human history is the development of science and technology; it could also be argued that a...

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  • Historical Association Annual Conference 2024 in Birmingham

    26th January 2024

    Book your place at Early Bird rates Birmingham – it has been the greenest city in Britain, the industrial heart of a nation, the fastest growing city in the 19th century and a home of the Commonwealth Games. It has a long, sometimes difficult but rich history of diversity, immigration...

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  • Film series: Power and authority in Russia and the Soviet Union

    23rd January 2024

    We are delighted to launch a new film series examining leadership in Russia and the USSR over the course of the twentieth century. Russia and its history often fascinates the rest of us in Europe as well as horrifying us. She has been our friend and ally, and our physical and...

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  • Recorded webinar series: Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the UN Convention on Genocide

    Multipage Article

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  • New Podcast Series: The Ancient Near East

    18th January 2024

    It is hard to underestimate the impact that the ancient Near East has had on the history of the world, and the lasting hold it has had on our imaginations. From the birth of the written word, the wheel and the first city-states to the pyramids and the pharaohs, we...

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  • Join the Branches and Members Committee!

    17th January 2024

    Are you passionate about representing the diverse views of our members? The Branches and Members Committee is actively seeking new members to contribute to our mission and strategic objectives. Commitment: Attend 3 meetings per year Participate in branch officers meetings Occasional involvement in working groups Benefits: Opportunity for personal and...

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