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  • Teaching History 176: Out now

    1st October 2019

    Read Teaching History 176 Widening Vistas "History is like a palimpsest, a medieval parchment in which, as the ink of one set of writing faded, another document was written on top of it, until over the years several layers of writing accumulated, one on top of the other…" In this...

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  • Thank you to all our volunteers

    1st June 2020

    This Volunteers' Week I would like to say an enormous thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, in all of their roles for the Historical Association. It is only with the enthusiasm and support of a range of individuals from many backgrounds, who are all passionate about history and about...

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  • The Age of Revolutions – The Residential

    9th February 2018

    Somewhere on a battlefield in Belgium in February a rebel group comb the countryside, gather intelligence (knowledge), share expertise and plot their future actions. Who are they? What are they really doing? WHAT ARE THEIR INTENTIONS?! Actually it turns out they are with the Historical Association, and they are a...

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  • The Berlin Wall – 30 years on

    1st November 2019

    The Berlin Wall was one of the most important symbols of the political and ideological divisions in Europe during the Cold War. The physical presence of a wall that quite literally cut a city, a country and Europe into two sides was a constant reminder of how separate East and...

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  • The Chartered Teacher Programme (CTHist)

    News Item

    Chartered Teacher of History (CTHist) status is designed to ensure that teachers who choose to remain within the classroom have their contributions and expertise recognised and to provide an assurance for senior leaders that history staff are committed to their continued development. This accreditation confers a distinction on its holder...

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  • The Church in 10th and 11th Century England


    In this podcast, Katy Cubitt, Professor of Medieval History at the University of East Anglia, discusses the ways the church developed and changed in 10th and 11th century England. This period involved the rise of the local parish and the emergence of religious leaders who would attempt to ‘restore and purify' the religious...

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  • The Georgian Papers – a virtual ‘madness’

    2nd December 2019

    Last month the Georgian Papers Programme released a new virtual exhibition available online. Exploring the myth and reality of the alleged ‘madness of King George III’, the exhibition is an interesting step in examining the past and exploring its relevance for contemporary discourses. Entitled ‘George III: the Eighteenth Century’s Most...

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  • The Great Debate 2019

    30th October 2018

    The final of the 2019 competition took place at Windsor Castle on Saturday 30 March. It was funded by the Waterloo200 educational legacy plan on the Age of Revolution.  Read about the 2019 Great Debate winners here Watch the 2019 Great Debate speeches Details of the 2020 contest are now online. Please email with...

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  • The HA Student Zone is transforming

    11th July 2019

    Following your feedback, exciting changes are afoot for the HA Student Zone. The new and restructured area will offer an array of resources, focusing on developing interpretations skills and enhancing subject knowledge for students aged 16–18. Curated topic guides Specially curated topic guides will provide a companion to students preparing...

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  • The HA presents books by Asa Briggs to Keighley Library

    28th February 2018

    When Professor Asa Briggs died in 2016, the Historical Association lost a very dear and loyal friend. As a result the decision was made to publish a special edition of The Historian to celebrate the life of Lord Briggs. The intention was to focus on his work and achievements as an...

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  • The Historian 136: Out now

    22nd February 2018

    Regular readers of The Historian will have noticed that our Editorial Board have been, over many years, identifying significant historical anniversaries which we feel are important to recognise. In this edition you will find three articles which deliberately identify the fiftieth anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act (1967) as a...

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  • The Historian 137: Out now

    3rd May 2018

    For this edition of The Historian, we decided to move away from a subject theme and instead to pay tribute to the HA's branches. These provide an opportunity for anyone with a love of history to get together, to learn and to discuss a very wide range of fascinating topics,...

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  • The Historian 138: Out now

    23rd August 2018

    We are drawing towards the close of the First World War centenary. This November there will be lots of stories in the media about that period. We wanted to get some of our coverage done early – partly before you all get bogged down with an overload, but also to...

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  • The Historian 139: Out now

    16th November 2018

    There has never been a more exciting time to study Anglo-Saxon history. Recent archaeological discoveries are transforming our understanding of the narrative of early English history and have added new layers of meaning to our existing knowledge. New methodologies such as the study of landscape and of gender have challenged...

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  • The Historian 140: Out now

    21st February 2019

    It sometimes seems to those of us living in Scotland, Ireland and Wales that our histories have no importance to anyone beyond our borders and when Americans, and others around the world, say ‘England’ when they actually mean the ‘United Kingdom’, it is hard not to bristle. Contributors to this...

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  • The Historical Association Response to the English Baccalaureate 2011

    16th March 2011

    In February 2011, the Department for Education issued a call for evidence regarding the English Baccalaureate, to be considered by a review committee. The Historical Association responded to this call for evidence on behalf of our members. The full submission currently remains the property of the review committee, should they...

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  • The Historical Association has a new President

    15th June 2017

    Tony Badger is Professor in American History at Northumbria University with a distinguished career and reputation amongst his peers. He has been in senior roles at the University of Cambridge and published widely. “I am delighted to be able to work with Tony over the next few years. He is...

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  • The Partition of India – 70 years on

    3rd August 2017

    Britain had formally governed the Indian subcontinent from 1858, although its influence there had been growing for the previous two centuries. India was considered the jewel in the crown of the British Empire. Political, ethnic and regional movements in India were opposed to being part of a foreign Empire, and...

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  • The later Middle Ages: Teacher Fellowship programme outcomes

    Multipage Article

    These resources were developed as part of the Historical Association’s inaugural Teacher Fellowship Programme funded by Agincourt 600. The programme was led by Ian Dawson and focused on developing teachers’ knowledge of late medieval history and translating this to the classroom. Featuring academic input from Professor Anne Curry, Professor Michael...

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  • The poppy and remembrance

    1st November 2019

    Historian Paula Kitching reflects on the enduring symbol of the poppy. It’s that time of year again when people start to pin a poppy to their lapel. Throughout late spring and summer the poppy grows wild all over Europe, and then for a few weeks each year the poppy stops...

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