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  • Primary History 75: Out Now

    2nd March 2017

    The year 2017 has ushered in a period of turbulence, both at home and abroad, where the one constant seems to be change. According to figures published by the United Nations, the number of refugees in the world has reached the highest level ever recorded, with a record 65 million...

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  • Professor W.A. Speck

    1st March 2017

    We are very sad to announce the death of Professor Bill Speck. Bill was President of the HA from 1999 to 2002 and editor of the journal History from 1986 to 1992. Bill was a greatly admired and respected historian as well as a kind and much loved person. He...

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  • The Historian 132: Out Now

    9th February 2017

    The theme of this edition is ‘Journeys’. Our contributors have been asked to explore a journey, be it a journey through time or space. At the heart of each of their articles are people – bodyguards or commuters, historians or gardeners, mercenaries or nurses, queens or spies – and in...

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  • It's LGBT History month 2017: how far have we come?

    1st February 2017

    The British Government has pardoned thousands of gay and bisexual men found guilty of sexual offenses that are no longer crimes. The Alan Turing Law recognises that these men approximately 49,000 of them had done nothing wrong.  In the last couple of decades civil rights for the LGBT community in...

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  • Join and explore all you love about history

    News Item

    HA membership starts from as little as £40.50 at concessionary rate, and £61.00 at individual rate.  You can also get two extra months for free by quoting the code HTY19 over the phone.  Call us on 0300 100 0223 or join online today Discover local branch talks and visits With over 45...

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  • Teaching History 165: Out now

    18th December 2016

    It might seem foolish, at a time when history teachers in England, facing new public examinations at every level, are most anxiously seeking to determine exactly what the specifications require of their students, to urge them to think  afresh about curriculum breadth. Yet it isprecisely at this moment, as new...

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  • The Historian 131: Out Now

    11th November 2016

    The Historian’s unique status as a membership journal brings with it many advantages deriving from its position in the voluntary sector. I t means, for example, that all our contributors are volunteers who share the wider membership’s enthusiasm for history in all its forms. Feedback from members reveals that they...

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  • Young Historian Awards 2016 - Winners

    28th October 2016

    It's that time of year again when we celebrate the future of history by recognising young historians. Each year the Historical Association partners with the Spirit of Normandy Trust to award young historians who have shown excellent knowledge and demonstrated historical argument around a subject associated with a series of...

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  • Primary History 74: Out Now

    27th October 2016

    Last year I was lucky enough to visit some of the First World War battlefields in Belgium, alongside student primary teachers from the University of Cumbria and Leeds Trinity University. As well as confirming the benefits of field trips and introducing me to joint trips – something I can definitely...

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  • Cornwall Branch to be revived

    26th October 2016

    The Cornwall Branch of the Historical Association is about to be revived after an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting [date to be fixed soon]) with the support of the Penryn (Falmouth) Campus of the University of Exeter, its staff (particularly Dr Garry Tregidga [to be Chair], Bob Keys [to be Treasurer],...

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