Diversity and Sensitive / Controversial Issues

Useful articles in 'Primary History'

Each section of this unit begins by highlighting articles based on the current National Curriculum, and is followed by earlier pieces that are still worth reading. Please note that while the core advice is still relevant, articles from editions published prior to Primary History 66 will be based on the old National Curriculum.

1. Managing/organising Diversity
2. Managing and organising Sensitive and Controversial issues
3. Specific content Diversity
4. Specific content Sensitive and Controversial issues

1. Managing/Organising Diversity

  • Primary History Summer Resource 2019. Focus on Diversity by Karin Doull and Paul Bracey - covering issues such as what is diversity? National identity, coverage, criteria, examples, transition to KS3. Separate sections on Key Stage 1 (examples such as shopping, hospitals, holidays, significant individuals, local history, suffragettes) and Key Stage 2 covering issues such as migration, trade, female power and achievement, black soldiers and local history). Extensive bibliography.
  • Alison Gove Humphries, Paul Bracey and Darius Jackson, Why is diversity so important? How can we approach it?”  PH 75, spring 2017.


2. Managing/Organising Sensitive and Controversial Issues


3. Specific Content Diversity


4. Specific Content: Sensitive and Controversial Issues


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