Cold War revision aid and interpretation guide

Cold War Teacher Fellowship outcomes and resources

This resource is a revision exercise which uses timelines to help post-16 students in their understanding of events and interpretations of the Cold War. Students often find it difficult to connect the historiography of the Cold War with the main events, so the resource seeks to provide a visual and interactive connection between them rather than being simply a regurgitation of events.

The interactive nature of the resource allows the teacher and student to develop points through discussion and make links thematically and chronologically. By being able to manipulate the content and discuss openly in groups, or as a class, knowledge will be increased and a more in-depth understanding developed.

The resource can be used at all key stages and ability levels by reducing content or asking more questions of the content included or, just as importantly, omitted. 

This resource was written by Paul Calder, Head of History at the Friary School in Staffordshire. 

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