What can we learn from the kingdoms of Benin and Asante about African histories?

Estelle Cooch

The resource is a scheme of work and introductory lesson on the enquiry question of ‘What can we learn from the kingdoms of Asante and Benin about African histories?’. The enquiry is structured around challenging seven myths of African histories (Toby Green):

  1. Africa has historically been cut off from the world
  2. Africa had no place in shaping the modern world
  3. African history can only be written through European documents
  4. African history doesn’t change or develop (Hegel)
  5. African history is the history of the Slave Trade
  6. “Africans sold Africans”
  7. Africa was colonised because it was weaker and less advanced

The scheme of work aims to direct teachers towards rich sources that highlight the complexity of African histories and their relations with European slavers.

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