Journey Back to Freedom

Catherine Johnson (Barrington Stoke)

Journey Back to Freedom

Review by Amalia 
The time it was set was interesting to me because during that time slavery was how most people spent their lives possibly with ever getting out of it. I found Olaudah the most interesting character because I got to find out everything he felt during that painful time. I learned that a long time ago people were sold with no mercy. The plot was interesting because some parts were tragic some parts were happy. The thing that stood out the most is how much Olaudah travelled. I would 100% recommend this book because it teaches you about a lot of things like how people were treated back in the day but also it teaches you about kindness and how cruel people can be. Overall I think it is a great book to read and I think everyone will enjoy it.  

Review by Finley
Journey back to Freedom is a great book. Personally, I love history and was hooked in the first few words. This book is about slavery and a boy called Olaudah, who has six siblings. I found this book unlike anything I've read before. I found it interesting how Olaudah had so many owners. It's amazing how he travelled over the ocean so much and was only seasick so many times and how he bought himself back by selling fruit. It was nice how the story wasn't ended when they crashed but it ended with him being at his aunt's again.

I know that people sometimes just came to take people to be slaves, (for multiple, horrible reasons) but was there a particular reason for their village to be raiding, because it sounded like most families knew they were coming? Why did all of Olu's slave names have to be mentioned straight away because its a sort of spoiler for people like me that have never heard of the story. 

Review by Ola
I think this book was riveting, it tells the story of a boy called Olaudah Equiano. He was bought by a British boat captain (Pascal), who then named Olaudah Gustavus Vassa. My favourite character was Richard, who was Olaudah's close friend on the boat for a while. I would highly recommend this book for early readers and for people who find pirate books and stories from the Victorian era and before very exciting. My overall opinion of the book is that it was a small bit undetailed, but extremely engaging. The story was interesting to hear, as there were lots of points that tense, but some would make me want to know more so I kept on reading. I think that it was a thought-provoking experience reading this book.

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