My Friend the Octopus

By Lindsay Galvin (Chicken House)

My Friend the Octopus

Review by Isabel
My Friend the Octopus is a book about a girl, who is called Vinnie, and her mother who own a hat shop. Her mother takes a trip to Paris by herself (which is strange because her and Vinnie usually do everything together) - but is her mother where she says she is? She has to go live with her Aunt and she is used to a different life and does things she has never done before. Vinnie ends up enjoying the lifestyle in the end.

I really liked this book because it has a link to sea life and it’s fast-paced. The book has several small plot twists and the ending is quite surprising because Vinnie decides to stay with her new friends and life rather than going back to her mother. Her friends all have different personalities and play an important part in the story.

There isn’t really anything that I would change about the book overall.

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