By Tom Palmer (Barrington Stoke)


Review by Josh
Resist is a heart wrenching book about a girl called Edda who lives in Nazi occupied Arnhem, in the Netherlands, during WW2. Edda, who is 14, lived in England for 4 years, her real name was Audrey but her mother decided that she had to change her name because the Nazis would be suspicious of it. She is working as a nurse in the hospital with her boss Dr Visser’t Hooft.

Which is working with the resistance as well as her. Edda’s brother Alex has been sent by force of the Nazis to work in the camps in Germany. This making it even harder for Edda’s family. I thought Resist was a brilliant book full of emotion and information. It taught me a lot about what was happening for civilians in Nazi occupied land and how dangerous and harsh the situation was. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to any WW2 fans or book readers. 

Review by Zahra
This book is such a powerful story and made me realise how bad it was during the war and how many people suffered terribly. I loved it so much and was one of my favourite books. I liked how it was a story celebrating women in WW2 just as well as men because they did a lot as well. Edda was my favourite character because she is one of the bravest story characters ever. She inspired me to not fear the world. It was a very exciting and suspenseful book which left me on many cliff-hangers. I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy historical fiction (specifically WW2).

Overall, I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars.  

Review by Revant
This story is called Resist by Tom Palmer. It is set in 1943 during the Second World War in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

The book is about Edda and her family and the hardships they faced. They had very little of food and drink. Houses got looted and there was a constant fear that they would be taken away or be killed by those filthy and horrible Nazi’s.

This story happens during a month and begins in a mysterious and fearful way. The main characters are: Edda, Edda’s mum, Ian her brother, Alex her brother, Opa her most eldest brother.

In this story Edda’s mum was important because she supported Hitler (she was a German) and had kept this secret from Edda and had lied about this to Edda. Also, her mum was taken away by the British paratroopers in the end. One more important person was Edda for two reasons, firstly she had saved a Jewish girl name Anje from the Nazis. Secondly, she sacrificed her own safety for Alex by saving him from the Nazis and she was a war hero putting herself in real danger through her bravery. Her brother Ian was kind and supportive to Edda. He was about four years younger than his sister and got caught by the Nazis, but at the end of the story he came back home.

In the story, I liked Edda best because she was helpful and kind to others. The person I didn’t like in the story was Dr. Visser Hooft because he was bossy and never helped anyone and was trying to escape the city to save himself.

The plot was exciting and very tense because firstly, why it was exciting was because it was full of action from WWII; very tense because, for example Edda had to save Anje from the Nazi’s. The Nazi’s were everywhere in the story like taking food, money and people.

I learnt in the story, that it was a serious time about WWII and what it was like being in Holland when it was occupied by the Nazi’s. I learnt some new words like: Liberation (meaning Freedom), Occupation (meaning the enemy taking over a country).

This book was amazing and brilliant, full of facts about WWII. There was lots of action and it was very tense. The characters made me understand what it was like surviving a horrible situation. I would definitely recommend “Resist” to my friends and family members.

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