Fin and the Memory Curse

By Helenka Stachera (Puffin)

Fin and the Memory Curse

Review by Gabriella
It was interesting to find out what sort of clothes they wore over 150 years ago and there was a big difference between the poor and rich people. For example Fin went from living in a small little dirty room with Ma and two other boys to living in a huge castle. I found the Countess the most interesting at the beginning of the book because she was stealing memories from her relatives to live made me think about what would happen if she couldn’t steal any memories, what would happen if she died?

The plot was exciting as it was very surprising when Eryk and Fin were getting chased by Dr Hunt and Lady Worth didn’t do anything about it. I also didn’t expect that the Countess would be as thought-provoking. Near the start of the book it got me thinking about why she was stealing memories.

The countess character stood out most to me because she was a little bit unnerving and brought suspense to the book. I would recommend it to other pupils as it is a very fascinating book to read and you never know what will come next as it is full of plot twists and surprises. I learnt the new words aristocratic and candelabra.

I really enjoyed everything in the book because it was overall very interesting and got me thinking throughout different parts of the story and it had a few plot twists.

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