Please Write Soon

By Michael Rosen, illustrated by Michael Foreman (Scholastic)

Please Write Soon

Review by Grace
In ‘Please write soon’, two cousins living through wartime exchange letters, one of them (Solly) is adjusting to life in the countryside and the other (Bernie) is in Poland. The story tells us that Bernie is Jewish, and that his friends and neighbours are disappearing, possibly to Concentration camps. The book records the relationship between the two cousins through World War Two, with Solly being evacuated, and Bernie escaping a forced-labour camp to fight alongside the Allied forces.

I thought this book was very moving and displayed wartime very accurately. For example, the letters between the two boys conveyed their experiences of war and made them feel much more real. I was very moved by how Bernie and Solly worried about one another when their letters were delayed, this made me feel sorry for younger people in the wartime. It tied in with the title of the book, “Please write soon”.

The illustrations also helped me to understand what it was like to be a young person during the war. Each picture showed their daily lives, for example Solly playing outside, whilst Bernie tells him about how he is under curfew. It was a strong emotional contrast to support the story.

My favourite part was at the end of the book where Bernie and Solly are reunited. However, at the same time it was sad as the whereabouts of the parents were unknown; it is hinted that they have probably died. It was very touching but at the same time heart-breaking, because as we know, not all people survived to be reunited.

I would recommend this book, as I believe that at the same time as being engaging, the book was educational and expanded my understanding of what it was like during the war for different types of people. 

Review by Jacob 
It’s a moving story about cousins, Solly, who is from England, and his teenage cousin Bernie, who is from Poland. The book goes into a lot of detail about war and is good for children. Bernie was an interesting character as he escaped a labour camp in Russia. The two cousins write to each other as and when they can through letters, telling one another what has been happening in their lives. The whole story is written through letters that are exchanged throughout World War Two. I would recommend this book to children, as it educates them and gives a good background on the reality of war.  

Review by Thomas
Please Write Soon by Michael Rosen is about the experience of Jewish people during the Second World War. The book has shed light on the experiences of people during this time including people being evacuated from their homes and soldiers fighting on the front line. The character I liked the most was Bernie because he kept positive while facing many challenges. From this book, I learned about how the war affected people from different places in a different way. A key part of this book that I enjoyed is the fact that it is told through letters which made the stories seem more personal and real. The stories in this book had a big impact on me which is why I would highly recommend that everyone read it at some point.

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