The Secret of the Treasure Keepers

By A.M. Howell (Usborne)

The Secret of the Treasure Keepers

Review by Katy 
I am writing to you regarding “The secret of the treasure keepers,” a book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in adventure and mystery.

The book revolves around a group of treasure keepers who have been guarding a valuable for generations. The book starts with a girl called Ruth and her mum Harriet Goodspeed who are in a museum trying to get her mum a paid job. Suddenly, the telephone in Mr Knight’s office (the boss of the museum ) starts to ring. It was a lady on the other end of the phone who thinks she has found some valuable treasure at her farm (Rook Farm. ) So, while Mr Knight was away on holiday Ruth and her mum went to Rook Farm to investigate. Ruth and her mum stayed at the farm for a few days and found very mysterious things.

What makes the book stand out is the Authors ability to create a vivid and amazing world. The descriptions of the different settings, from ancient ruins to hidden caves, are so detailed that you feel like you are there in the story.

But what I liked the most about this book is the underlying message that the treasure keepers are not just protecting the valuable treasure, but they are also preserving a piece of amazing history. This book shows the importance of respecting valuable things.

Overall, “The secret of the Treasure keepers” is a good and entertaining book that is perfect for anyone looking for an adventure- filled story.

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