The Tale of Truthwater Lake

By Emma Carroll (Faber)

The Tale of Truthwater Lake

Review by Abigail
I loved this book because it was exciting and something new was happening every second which makes you want to read more. It is set in both the future and the past as Polly, who is the main character, is from the future and travels to the past. Polly is adventurous and sneaky and loves exploring new places. Sasha is my least favourite character in my opinion because she was meant to be Polly’s friend, but she bullied her at the start.

It’s an enjoyable book to read and very catchy. It was a very exciting idea to get her to travel back in time, but it can be hard to understand at first as it just switches between two characters. It stands out to me that there’s a lockdown because its too hot and brings global warming to your attention.

I would definitely recommend to people who love adventure and love a good cliff hanger. The people would probably have to be a little bit older to understand and not just put the book down and give up. I would say if you want a nice and easy book this isn’t the book for you but you can still decide from the blurb so read that first. I definitely think Emma Carrol should win for this amazing, exciting book and she deserves it as I don’t enjoy many books - but I loved this one.

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