Dick Kerr Girls: All Together Now

By Eve Ainsworth (UCLan)

All Together Now

Review by Izuedeen 
This amazing book is about a girl called Martha who loves football and plays with her male friends on the street but then she gets to swap street kickabouts with the local football team who is one of the world’s best women’s team or even the best regardless of gender. Although she is not an official member of the Dick Kerr girls, she is good enough to train with them. After some time, a new player joins the team, Lily Parr. Lily is one of the best players in the country or even the world. Martha starts to feel romantic feelings for Lily but unfortunately Lily tells her she only sees her as a sister. This really upsets Martha but adding to this sadness, her sick father also passes away.

This book shows a mixture of emotion. I would recommend it to anyone who likes football and books with mixed emotions. I hope that I am able to get my hand on any other books from this author.

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