Enquiry 5: The Glorious Glosters

A two-lesson enquiry for KS4 by Erica Kingswood

What happened at the Battle of the Imjin River, April 1951?

This enquiry seeks to engage students with the different interpretations of the famous Battle of the Imjin River, in particular the events of Hill 235 and the experience of the Glosters (the Gloucestershire Regiment). The principal outcome is for students to build a narrative from a range of contemporary source material.

Students will also explore the different ways in which the battle has been interpreted, particularly the contrast between the way it is remembered with reverence in the Republic of South Korea and the relative lack of attention paid to it in Britain.

Key areas of focus

  • Different interpretations of the Battle of the Imjin River.
  • How the same source material can be used as evidence to support a range of interpretations.
  • How the source material can be used to create a narrative of the battle.
  • The importance of the battle in the context of the war.

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