Enquiry 6: Contested evidence

A two-lesson enquiry for KS4 by Kristian Shanks

Why is the use of biological weapons in the Korean War a controversial subject?

This resource will enable students to explore a key controversy from the Korean War – whether or not the US used biological weapons against civilians in North Korea and China in contravention of the modern-day ‘rules of war’.

The resource will also enable students to think about how certain we can be of the answers to historical questions and about the contested nature of historical evidence and the way in which it is interpreted.

Key areas of focus

  • The reasons for the emergence of allegations of biological weapons usage by the USA during the Korean War.
  • The nature of the debate surrounding the allegations of biological weapons usage, both at the time and subsequently by historians.
  • Analysis and evaluation of a range of evidence on either side of the debate, leading to the development of a considered argument.

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