Primary Curriculum Schemes of Work

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At the HA, we understand how difficult it can be planning for and resourcing new curriculum topics, which is why we have devised a whole series of schemes of work. (If the grid below doesn't display properly on your screen please try the mobile-friendly version): 


EYFS Scheme of Work

Toys & games
(Medium term plan)

Key Stage 1

The Great Fire of London
Local history* Local history:
our high street
Significant individuals: Brunel
Significant individuals: Explorers (Ibn Battuta)
Significant individuals:
Sarah Forbes Bonetta
Significant individuals:
Walter Tull
Significant individuals: George Stephenson Should we call Grace O'Malley a pirate?

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Key Stage 2

Ancient Greece
Ancient Egyptian religion
Ancient Egyptian civilisation
Ancient Sumer
Comparing Ancient Civilisations
Anglo-Saxons, Vikings & Scots settlement in Britain
Chronological unit:
Books through time
Chronological unit:
Numbers through time
The Elizabethans
The Georgians
Migration to Britain
Indus Valley
Early Islam, including Baghdad
Local history: Transport
Local history* The Maya Roman Britain
Shang Dynasty
Stone Age to Iron Age in Britain
Thematic study: Education
The Blitz & World War II
Waterloo & the Age of Revolutions
Queen Elizabeth II

*Local history: this unit is not itself a scheme of work, but shows how local history might be incorporated into a scheme of work 

Please note that while these units contain resource suggestions, they are not all fully-resourced schemes of work. To view a sample scheme of work, please refer to our Anglo-Saxons unit

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All schemes of work are free to HA Members