Primary Curriculum Schemes of Work

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Many commercial schemes of work cost schools hundreds of pounds to buy into. At the HA, through an enquiry-led approach, we have put our expertise into the thinking behind an enquiry, leaving teachers room to create and mould their own classroom resources to deliver the mapped-out sequence to suit their pupils' needs. After all, you know your pupils best! To reflect this approach to supporting your curriculum delivery, you’ll find that our schemes of work are priced extremely competitively and with HA Primary Membership you’ll be able to access all the schemes for free, as well as a host of expertise you need to support your subject knowledge and resourcing to teach the scheme well.

* an asterisk denotes a resourced scheme of work; all others contain resource suggestions.

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EYFS Scheme of Work

Toys & games
(Medium term plan)

Key Stage 1

The Great Fire of London
Local history Local history:
our high street
Local history: the school and its community
Significant individuals: Brunel
Significant individuals: Explorers (Ibn Battuta)
Significant individuals:
Sarah Forbes Bonetta
Significant individuals:
Walter Tull
Significant individuals: George Stephenson *
Should we call Grace O'Malley a pirate? *  

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Key Stage 2

Ancient Greece Ancient Egyptian religion
Ancient Egyptian civilisation
Ancient Sumer
Comparing Ancient Civilisations
Anglo-Saxons, Vikings & Scots settlement in Britain
Benin * Chronological unit:
Books through time
Chronological unit:
Numbers through time
The Elizabethans * The Georgians
Migration to Britain
Indus Valley * Early Islam, including Baghdad * Local history: Transport
Local history The Maya Roman Britain
Shang Dynasty
Stone Age to Iron Age in Britain
Thematic study: Education
The Blitz & World War II * Waterloo & the Age of Revolutions * Queen Elizabeth II

† Local history: this unit is not itself a scheme of work, but shows how local history might be incorporated into a scheme of work 

Please note: The majority of these schemes of work were produced between 2014-2019 by members of the HA primary committee and its affiliates. While the units all contain resource suggestions, only those marked with an asterisk* are fully-resourced schemes of work. All the schemes of work are designed to support your planning and should be moulded and adapted to fit the context and needs of your own school. To view a sample scheme of work, please refer to our Anglo-Saxons unit.  

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All schemes of work are free to HA Members